Welcome to Bona Fide Books!

bona fide (from Webster’s): made in good faith without fraud or deceit; made with earnest intent; sincere; authentic

Bona Fide Books is a small press on a mountaintop publishing bold, unsung writers and connecting them with their readers. Bona Fide specializes in community-driven nonfiction, that is, collections about specific areas and its people.

Does the world need another small press? In our opinion, the more of us there are doing good work in the service of literature, the better. In addition to an ether-based community, we also have a bona fide bricks and mortar office, the Center for Wayward Writers. If you find yourself in South Lake Tahoe, drop in to check out the latest lit journal, talk about your query letter, and have a cup of tea or something stronger.

Bona Fide Books also offers editorial services, and is home to Tahoe Letterpress, a working print shop with 10 presses.

Inspired by artist and friend Melissa Lanitis Gregory -- see Our Story -- we try each day to be brave and unapologetic about the significance of literature and community. If you'd like to keep up with what we're doing, please sign up for our newsletter, or, better yet, come to a workshop or event!

Maeko Bradshaw, Publisher

Who We Are


Maeko was born and raised in South Lake Tahoe. After leaving the basin to earn a BA in English Literature and then an MS in Book Publishing, her love for the Sierra and this small town community brought her back home. She’s thrilled to have a role in taking care of the Bona Fide family and looks forward to spending each day dedicated to her passion for books and Tahoe.





Kim Wyatt is the founder and first publisher of Bona Fide Books, and co-conspirator at Tahoe Letterpress.