Book Consulting

Project Evaluation

Start your project with a Bona Fide book consultation—we’ll help you figure out the next steps for your book or project. This session will save you serious time and money; we will cut through the confusion and identify how to get to where you want to be, and help you avoid pitfalls common to those who seek publication or self-publish. Does your book need a developmental or copy edit? How do you find a printer? Do you need an ISBN? Which companies are reputable? No more searching for hours on the Internet! Based on years of experience in the publishing industry, we can answer your questions. $60/hr

Manuscript Evaluation (Nonfiction, Fiction, Poetry)

You’ve written a book—what’s next? Before sending it out into the world, consider a professional manuscript evaluation. A manuscript evaluation is a detailed look at what your book needs to go to the next level, be it an agent, publisher, or self-publishing. The evaluation includes a summary of strengths and weaknesses, chapter-by-chapter analysis, competitive analysis, and marketing suggestions. It might be the best money you ever spend. Contact for book-specific quote.

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