• book covers
            • interior layouts
            • informational materials

Bona Fide staff designers can help you design your most important projects.

Book Covers

Using knowledge of color theory and spatial relation, we design book cover projects with the reader in mind, and want them to be easily readable, while also aesthetically and visually pleasing.

Interior Layouts

The challenge with interior book layout is to capture the essence of a manuscript without interfering with the reading experience. We believe that while capturing that essence, it is also important to, as designer Robert Bringhurst put it, “By all means break the rules, and break them beautifully, deliberately and well.” 

Company Informational Materials

Marketing materials are the first point of contact for any new customer. Whether you need a business card or an informational flyer, we are here to grab the attention of all your customers and show them the heart of your company.


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