Depending on the status of your book, you might benefit from one of three types of editing offered by the Bona Fide team:

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is big-picture editing that can start before you begin writing, or if you need guidance on a revision. You might have an idea for a book, but not know how to structure it, how much material is enough, or how to approach the content. Perhaps you have a book that you know isn't working, but you can't figure out why. A development editor will help you take your idea to completion. $65/hour

Copyediting/Line Editing

Copyediting is the final step before manuscript submission. Our skilled copy editors correct faulty spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and also ensure consistency. If you’ve never had a professional review your copy, you might consider a line edit, which in addition identifies any issues with tone and style. $40–$50/hour



Proofreaders mark typeset copy, ensuring consistency with the manuscript, and also with the elements of layout such as ledding/kerning, breaks, and general attractiveness. $35/hour

Not sure what your work needs? We’re happy to take a look at a sample at no cost. Contact the Bona Fide Books editorial team now to get started, or call (530) 386-5502.