Permanent Vacation

Twenty Writers on Work and Life in Our National Parks

ISBN: 978-1-936511-00-6
205 pages

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Yosemite • Yellowstone • Denali • Grand Teton • Sequoia and Kings Canyon • Grand Canyon 

Mount Ranier • Rocky Mountain • Petrified Forest • Wrangell-St. Elias

"Who as a child (or a restless adult) hasn’t dreamed of being a park ranger or working in one of our spectacular national parks? This delightfully eclectic collection of personal stories takes readers well beyond the usual tourist stops to present insiders’ views of our western parks. If you’ve ever longed for natural beauty, wildness, or a more expansive life, here’s your chance to see what happens to those who follow that dream. As one of the writers puts it, 'Wild places are infused with magic, and they attract the most crazy-wonderful people.'"

—Nancy Lord, former Alaska Writer Laureate and author of Fishcamp, Green Alaska, and Early Warming

"Once you start it, you won't want the vacation to end."

—Dr. Gretchen Legler, author of On the Ice, in High Country News

"A highly recommended collection that will make you want to ditch your job and pack your gear for a nearest or favorite national park..."

-Andrew Gottlieb, Reviews Editor,

Millions of people visit our national parks each year, and some never leave. Meet the biologist who came to know and understand Six, Yellowstone’s charismatic and temperamental elk. See iconic landscapes through the eyes of bed makers, bridge builders, rangers, and wranglers. Rip through rapids, disappear inside canyons, and witness personal transformations from petrified forests to permafrost. Learn what it’s like to ditch the mainstream and make a life in our nation’s best idea.


Elizabeth Arnold · Mary Beth Baptiste · Matthew Bowser · Christine Byl

Robert Cornelius · Troy Davis · Monica Delmartini · Melanie Dylan Fox

Keith Ekiss · Mary Emerick · Joseph Flannery · Cassandra Kircher

Jeremy Pataky ·  Ruth Rhodes · Nathan Rice · Christa Sadler

Nicole Sheets ·  Seth Slater · Janet Smith · Tom Walker

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